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Welcome to Debt & Revenue Services

Debt & Revenue Services ("DRS") is a division of Ardent Credit Services Ltd.

We are here to help you resolve your debt problems, but we cannot do so unless you contact us. Ignoring our contacts may eventually lead to further action and this is something we would prefer to avoid.

Talk to us and we will work with you to resolve this situation. Alternatively, please use the self service options on this site.

If you think we have contacted you in error please call us quoting our reference number.

Why Have I been contacted?

  • 0151 545 1500
    (if you have been contacted by Debt & Revenue Services ("DRS"))
    (if you have been contacted by Ardent Credit Services)
  • Opening hours:
    8am - 7pm Monday to Friday
    9am - 2 pm Saturday
    We will not be open on a saturday before a Bank Holiday
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